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Paul Rosenzweig is the founder of Red Branch Consulting PLLC, a homeland security consulting company and a Senior Fellow at the R Street Institute. He is also a Senior Advisor to The Chertoff Group. Mr. Rosenzweig formerly served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy in the Department of Homeland Security. He is a Professorial Lecturer in Law at George Washington University and a Board Member of the Journal of National Security Law and Policy.

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Cybersecurity: LOAC-Military

The New Contours of Cyber Conflict

An American military unit used offensive weapons against a target inside Russia. And nobody is noticing.

Let that sink in for a second. As the country (understandably) focuses on matters like Michael Cohen's testimony; the president's self-described friendship with a murderous dictator; and the House vote to negate the president's declaration of a national emergency (all notable issues to be sure), it seems as though something exceedingly significant has happened and ... just disappeared under the radar.


Kaspersky Helps the NSA

Most Lawfare readers will be familiar with Kaspersky Labs, the Russian cybersecurity firm. Many American cyberspecurity experts (including Rick Ledgett, Nicholas Weaver, and me) have been skeptical about the firm, suspecting that its connections to the Russian government were not wholly benign. We were not alone in that concern: eventually the U.S.


Christmas in the Trenches 2018

As is my annual custom, this song is both thanks to all those who serve our country and a reminder of why they serve—to "secure the blessings of liberty." This year, more than ever, it seems worth remembering those who sacrifice for our nation.

My best wishes to all Lawfare readers for a warm and wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.


Is International Internet Regulation Just Ahead?

French President Emmanuel Macron got into a fight the other day with President Trump. That public contretempts obscured an equally significant international event—Macron gave the opening remarks at the Internet Governance Forum, whose 2018 meeting convened in Paris this month. He offered what can only be characterized as a strong vision of international internet regulation.