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The NDAA FY'18's Cyber Provisions: What Emerged from Conference?

The next National Defense Authorization Act (the NDAA FY’18) is nearing the finish line.  A Conference Report is now available, and so the time has come for a closer look at some of the key provisions of interest to Lawfare readers.  My colleague Scott Anderson is going to post a broad overview shortly. For my part, I’d like to walk you through the “Cyberspace-Related Matters” section (sections 1631-1649C).


Wassenaar, Cybersecurity, and Why European Officials Get Better Lunches than Americans

Alan Cohn and I did a one-hour explanation of the fuss over the Wassenaar Arrangement, intrusion software, and cybersecurity on Friday. Because we did it for the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project, we tried to link this international regulatory initiative to broader lessons about regulating technology in today’s world. One of the lesser lessons: European officials will always be invited to better lunches than their American counterparts. 

If you’d like to listen, here’s the link:

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