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The Cyberlaw Podcast is a weekly interview series and discussion on the latest events in technology, security, privacy, and government. The podcast is hosted by Steptoe & Johnson lawyers Stewart BakerMichael Vatis, and Alan Cohn, all of whom have deep government experience. They are joined by a wide variety of guests including academics, politicians, authors, and reporters.  You can subscribe to the podcast here. It is also available on iTunes.

Latest in The Cyberlaw Podcast


The Cyberlaw Podcast: Interview with Susan Hennessey and Andrew McCarthy

Episode 195 features an interview with Susan Hennessey of Lawfare and Andrew McCarthy of the National Review. They walk us through the “unmasking” of U.S. identities in intelligence reports—one of the most divisive partisan issues likely to come up in the re-enactment of Section 702 of FISA. I bask momentarily in the glow of being cast as a civil liberties extremist. And Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose offers insights into 702 reform.


The Cyberlaw Podcast: Mass Bioterrorism, Runaway Artificial Intelligence, and Other Romps with Rob Reid

Our interview this week is with Rob Reid, author of “After On” and “Year Zero,” two books that manage to translate serious technology nightmares into science fiction romps. We cover a lot of ground: synbio and giving eighth graders the tools for mass human extinction, the possibility that artificial intelligence (AI) will achieve takeoff and begin to act counter to humanity’s interests in a matter of hours.


The Cyberlaw Podcast: David Ignatius and 'The Quantum Spy'

We celebrate the holiday season by interviewing David Ignatius, columnist and associate editor at the Washington Post and the author of multiple spy thrillers, including his most recent, "The Quantum Spy." David and I discuss themes from the book, from quantum computing to ethnic and gender tensions at the National Security Agency, while m


The Cyberlaw Podcast: Election Cybersecurity Panel with Chris Krebs and Ed Felten

Episode 191 is our long-awaited election security podcast before a live, and lively, audience.  Our panel consists of Chris Krebs, formerly of Microsoft and now the top cybersecurity official at DHS (with the longest title in the federal government as proof), and Ed Felten, formerly the deputy CTO of the federal government and currently Princeton professor focused on cybersecurity and policy.  We walk through the many stages of election machinery a


The Cyberlaw Podcast: Interview with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

In our 190th episode, Stewart Baker has a chance to interview Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who has a long history of engagement with technology and security issues. In this episode, we spend a remarkably detailed half-hour with him, covering the cybersecurity waterfront, from the FBI’s problems accessing the Texas church shooter’s phone, and what Silicon Valley should do about that, to Vladimir Putin’s electoral adventurism and how to combat it. Along the way, we touch (skeptically) on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and mo


The Cyberlaw Podcast: Interview with United States Representative Tom Graves

In our 189th episode Stewart Baker has a chance to interview United States Representative Tom Graves, co-sponsor of the Active Cyber Defense Certainty (ACDC) Act, which allows those whose networks are under persistent attack to leave their network to conduct investigative action.  Representative Graves offers a measured but deeply felt defense of the proposal and is optimistic about its reception.  And, with the hard-hitting investigative approach The Cyberlaw Podcast is known for, I ask the tough question:  “Is this bill a tribute to AC


The Cyberlaw Podcast: Putting the 'F' in FISA: Bipartisan Extremism and the Road to 1997

In this episode, Brian Egan and I deconstruct the endlessly proliferating “FISA 702 Reform” bills, from the irresponsible House Judiciary bill to the “I’ll see your irresponsible and raise you crazy” bipartisan extremist bill beloved of Sens.


The Cyberlaw Podcast: Interview with Tom Bossert

I had a chance to talk to Tom Bossert, President Trump’s Homeland Security Adviser, on the record, and we’re releasing the conversation as a bonus episode of the Cyberlaw Podcast. The talk ranges from Peggy Noonan’s observations on White House staff work to the vast improvement in the West Wing’s carpeting before turning to our main topic – the looming deadline for renewing authority for FISA section 702. Tom is deeply familiar with the issues in the debate over 702.


The Cyberlaw Podcast: What Stephen Paddock Can Tell Us About 702 Reform

Our interview is another in our series on Section 702 reform, featuring Mieke Eoyang of the National Security Program at Third Way and Jamil Jaffer of George Mason University and IronNet Security.  They begin with the history of the program but quickly focus on proposals to require warrants for FBI criminal searches of already collected 702 data, which Mieke broadly supports and Jamil broadly opposes.  The Las Vegas shooter's case raises the ques

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