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Rational Security: The 'No One’s Shutting Us Down' Edition

President Trump takes his pitch for border security to the American people in an Oval Office address. John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are on the road doing high stakes diplomacy, but do they actually speak for the president? And the latest in L’Affaire Russe—a Russian lawyer gets indicted and Paul Manafort was sharing polling data with his “Russian brain.”

Tamara invites you to stand up for press freedom.


Rational Security: The 'New Year New You' Edition

How will a new Cabinet, and a new Congress, face the major national security challenges of 2019? An American businessman is arrested in Russia and charged with espionage. And Sen. Elizabeth Warren is exploring a run for the White House. We’ll take a look at her foreign policy proposals.

Tamara signs off with Jim Mattis’ sign off.


Rational Security: The 'Very Legal and Very Cool' Edition

Robert Mueller says that Michael Flynn has cooperated extensively in multiple investigations, including about Russian interference in the election. A new guilty plea from Michael Cohen changes our understanding of Trump’s ties to Russia. And is Israel getting ready for a war or just an election?

Tamara wonders what’s underneath those redactions.


Rational Security: 'The World is a Very Dangerous Place!' Edition

Paul Manafort heads to sentencing amid revelations that he has lied to the special counsel, cooperated with Trump’s legal team, and may have met with Julian Assange. The president stands by Saudi Arabia and its crown prince whom the CIA says ordered the murder of a journalist. And President Trump heads off to meet with world leaders at the G20 Summit.

Susan asks for your material support.


Rational Security: The 'Cocoon of Bitterness and Resentment' Edition

Battle lines are drawn over Matthew Whitaker’s appointment as acting attorney general. President Trump, stung by election losses, picks fights with America’s closest allies. And is North Korea deceiving the U.S. in nuclear weapons negotiations?

Susan shares sounds from the day the guns fell silent.

Ben goes out to dinner.

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