Surveillance: Snowden NSA Controversy

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The Lawfare Podcast: Timothy Edgar on ‘Beyond Snowden’

In his recent book Beyond Snowden: Privacy, Mass Surveillance, and the Struggle to Reform the NSA, civil liberties activist and former intelligence official Timothy Edgar calls for a renewed conversation on mass surveillance reform in the global and digital age. This month, Benjamin Wittes interviewed Edgar on his new book at the Hoover Book Soiree.

Media Criticism

In Defense of the Washington Post's Much Maligned Snowden Editorial

The Washington Post editorial page has no institutional duty whatsoever to defend a source simply because the news side won a Pulitzer based on his criminality. The editorial staff is not tasked with deciding whether or not to publish Snowden documents. The news staff is not tasked with opining on whether Snowden should get a pardon.

Surveillance: Snowden NSA Controversy

Clemency for Snowden? What the Debate Can’t Tell Us

The argument over whether Edward Snowden should or should not be pardoned will tend to become an argument over the proper use of the pardoning power—or, to put it another way, whether a pardon for Snowden would constitute an appropriate instance of clemency. But by its very nature, the rights and wrongs of presidential clemency can’t be described or defined to an extent sufficient to resolve this debate.

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